Dear Handmade Folks,

I’m psyched to share Handmade Seattle 2023 is quickly gaining momentum, with 75% of tickets already claimed. Even the online track is filling up nicely—there’s a cap because we wish to maintain an intimate atmosphere for meaningful discussions.

I want enough ticket holders to run a sustainable indie conference, not maximize profits at all costs.

Did you know most companies have a “professional development” budget? Apparently it isn’t advertised much. Consider proposing Handmade Seattle to your boss as a worthy investment. (For struggling students or the financially disadvantaged: send an email for further assistance.)

If you’ve been holding out until the star lineup comes along, let us wait no longer!

The Conference Lineup So Far

With the new Seattle page live you can see who we have as speakers, demoers, and special guests:

For the first time we have explicit themes tying together these presentations:

  1. Dysfunction
  2. Competence
  3. Antidotes

We’re even using a Big Mac as one of our props, which will make sense in due course:

As you read up on the themes and presentations you’ll realize we’ve turned up the spice. It’s taken time to establish ourselves professionally, but Handmade is now large enough to challenge the shortcomings of the software industry, all while maintaining a touch of class.

My motto is spicy but classy. (Some tech companies are gonna need A LOT of milk though.)

Hotel Accomodations 🏨

By popular demand I’m exploring discounted rates with hotels and will have answers for you by October 15th. That’s exactly a month away from Handmade Seattle: if that feels too close for comfort, then go ahead and book anything near the Seattle Center; I know first-hand that they’re all good options.

Official Hangouts 🥂

If you’re in the physical track, we offer you a series of optional hangouts on the dawn of the final day: Friday, November 17th. They are organized by yours truly and take place outside of the Seattle Center. ChocoVine might be involved 🙂

I’ll have more exciting news on this front later—including how ticket holders can RSVP for these meetings.

Trade Show: Demo and Job Booths

Demos: We still have some slots for demos. A demo is streamed live and is also offered a physical booth at the venue. It can be about any software project (even commercial) as long as it strongly aligns with Handmade values.

Jobs: We are still on the lookout to rent more job booths. For the companies already wishing to hire Handmade people, you’ll hear from me again soon to register officially.

Contact me if you’re hoping to reserve a slot. They are limited.

Your indie organizer,
Abner Coimbre