handmade cities

 Boston in the summer, seattle in the fall

We are the largest indie conferences for low-level programmers. This is your portal to meet with folks into graphics, game engines, kernels, compilers, and more!

Inspired by Handmade Hero

Like Handmade Hero by Molly Rocket we believe in breaking software down to the bare bones and building back an understanding of how it all really works. We are not affiliated with Molly Rocket, Inc.

Companies Value Handmade

Job Booths

Hiring Handmade people. These brands have attended our job fairs. Companies may rent a job booth but cannot influence nor sponsor the event.

Two Cities, Two UNIQUE EVENTs

Handmade Boston is the Masterclass Conference. Handmade Seattle is our Traditional Conference. Will you attend both?


100% indie. We’re a small business that’s sponsor-free: speakers can criticize any software or company.


Fully hybrid. We offer a physical track or an online track—your choice!


Dive deeper. The mission is to encourage a deep understanding of computers to build better software.

Hundreds in person, Thousands online

Every year hundreds of low-level programmers convene physically while thousands more watch from the comfort of their couch.


Our content stays relevant for decades. We record all presentations professionally and publish them for free.

Big Online Community

Join the Discord to see what we’re all about.

Conferences Not Enough?

Make friends all year round. It’s Meetups.com, but Handmade.

John Carmack

“I endorse the Handmade ethos!”

Bob Nystrom

“Handmade Seattle was an incredible conference with excellent talks, a wonderful organizer Abner Coimbre and the best community of people. What an enriching couple of days. <3”

Casey Muratori

“Running a small conference with accessible ticket prices free of corporate branding is a daunting, grueling, unprofitable job. Hats off to Abner Coimbre who did it anyway and gave people from literally all over the globe a great Handmade Seattle 2019!”