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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by mentorship?

Handmade Boston is the mentorship conference. Our speakers will become your instructor and teach you a subject matter they love—complete with pesky take-home exercises! Learn more.

Why is Seattle more affordable?

Seattle is your typical conference which includes a job fair: we rent booths to companies and that means extra revenue, allowing ticket prices to go down.

Boston’s only source of income is ticket sales but the costs of running a conference are the same as Seattle.

Can I get a discount if...

You’ll see there’s a special discount when you register for both conferences under the same track.

We also have three phases for ticket sales. Each phase will increase the price:

1. Early Bird

2. Standard

3. Door Prices (last-minute)

Even without special discounts our tickets are very affordable: compare them with GDC, PyCon, or cppcon.

Are refunds available?

We don’t process refunds. The physical track is a superset of the online one, so if you can’t attend in person anymore you can join us virtually.

What do you mean by celebration?

Handmade Seattle is THE celebration of systems programming and all things low-level: with inspiring new talks, huge trade show, and job booths! Learn more.

I'm financially disadvantaged.

If you’re a student or financially struggling send Abner an email and tell your story. We typically do one of two things:

1. Generate a ticket with a meaningful discount

2. Award a free seat thanks to someone who sponsors it

P.S. We ask those who can afford our tickets to not abuse this system of trust.

I want to sponsor a ticket.

Your kindness will not go unnoticed! You can go about this in a couple of ways:

  • Sponsor directly: Our tickets already include a transfer button. You can gift them to someone you know.
  • Donate to sponsor pool: If you trust us to handle it, use our Donorbox and in the comments type “I want to sponsor”

We use this pool to award free seats to those in need.

How do I upgrade my ticket?

To upgrade from the online track to a physical one send us an email: abner@handmadecities.com

P.S. Upgrading is only possible if there’s still physical tickets.

Word on the Street

Bravo all, looking forward to next time!

Has been a joy watching this conference grow, and this one may have been the best so far in my books!

-Quade Zaban, Independent game designer

“Huge thanks to Abner Coimbre for making this possible! We appreciate you!”

I had such a wonderful time at Handmade Seattle this week connecting with an amazing community of people who passionately love the craft of software development!

-Hadjar Homaei, CTO @compdem

“My first Handmade Seattle was so great.”

Abner Coimbre is a fantastic host & organiser with an important vision for building better software that benefits all of us, in his words: “reclaiming user value”
– Alasdair Monk, VP of Design ▲ @vercel

Keep Us Independent

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