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Spring 2024








Word on the Street

Bravo all, looking forward to next time!

Has been a joy watching this conference grow, and this one may have been the best so far in my books!

-Quade Zaban, Independent game designer

“Huge thanks to Abner Coimbre for making this possible! We appreciate you!”

I had such a wonderful time at Handmade Seattle this week connecting with an amazing community of people who passionately love the craft of software development!

-Hadjar Homaei, CTO @compdem

“My first Handmade Seattle was so great.”

Abner Coimbre is a fantastic host & organiser with an important vision for building better software that benefits all of us, in his words: “reclaiming user value”
– Alasdair Monk, VP of Design ▲ @vercel

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Corporate dystopia is the absence of events where engineers can (truly) speak freely