Dear Handmade Folks,

With great excitement I share our latest news: Handmade Seattle is now 90% sold out. This response is a testament to the growing enthusiasm for this event (thank you.) Whether you’ll be with us on-site or joining remotely, it’s your moment to secure your place and be a part of this indie celebration, dedicated to Handmade software and its core values:

Conference Schedule Develops Further

Our conference lineup and timeline are reaching their final form. I’m incredibly pumped (and grateful) for the phenomenal presentations these talented folks are cooking up for you. I hope you check out the newest additions.

We also have a fun, animated way for you to keep track of the schedule, right on the Handmade Seattle page. Here’s a partial screenshot:

The timeline becomes increasingly detailed over the next few days. Notice how the Nesholm Family Lecture Hall—our main entrance—is accessible on both Google and Apple maps. Our venue is a short walking distance from the Space Needle!

Finally, keep an eye out for the Friday hangout plans, which we hope to announce a week before the conference.

Hotels: An Update 🏨

The Mediterranean Inn near the Space Needle remains a favorite choice for many Handmade Seattle attendees. Rooms still seem available, and I personally recommend it!

However, our new event coordinator, advised me that securing hotel discounts and contracts with our crowd size ideally takes a year of planning. Unfortunately then it won’t be until 2024 that we could give support for attendees booking hotels. Forgive the tardiness on this front.

We can still offer discounts to anyone who’s struggling financially, with special consideration to students and anyone affected by the layoffs. Please reach out.

Your Chance for the Trade Show

For those interested in hosting a job booth or showcasing your personal project, a few slots are still up for grabs! Reach out via email to discuss the details. With the conference just around the corner, don’t delay—let’s make these opportunities happen.

To the attendees who’ve already made last-minute-ish requests to participate at Handmade Seattle, you’ll hear back from me soon.

And remember, the private chat server opens to the audience on Wednesday, November 8th, exactly one week before the conference. You’ll get an email to join in; I’m looking forward to chatting with you there.

At your service,