Dear Handmade Community,

I’m dropping you a quick note to share some exciting news about Handmade Cities and an opportunity for you to get involved. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been getting ready for a public fundraiser to steady my small business. No corporate jargon here – just a straightforward ask for your help:

There are some seriously valuable perks up for grabs 🏆 The high-tier ones are in very limited supply!

When can you grab a perk?

Hit the fundraiser button above! Contributions are already open! If you want your support to make a live appearance on stream, however, follow me on Twitch for notifications:

I’ll be streaming daily for the next ten days (February 19-29th), starting tonight at Seattle Time. If you’re reading this hot off your Inbox, I am live on Twitch as we speak.

What are my Twitch streams about?

Expect some Terminal Click action: my side-project that’s been unfolding in recent VODs. I’ll also be diving into different topics throughout the year:

Hang around on the streams to get a feel for things.

Why the fundraiser?

Widespread tech layoffs (and the fear of more) have dangerously affected my monthly donations. Individual donations are how I make a living, because conference tickets only cover operating costs; the fundraiser page has a detailed FAQ.

Indeed, running indie tech conferences isn’t really profitable, but it allows me to stay true to my values:

  • 100% independence
  • Affordable tickets
  • Zero sponsors
  • Discounted/free tickets for those who need it
  • Content curated by a fellow systems programmer (that’s moi)

I’m in this to provide a platform for engineers interested in software quality, and who wish to respect (not exploit) their users. We’re an independent voice trying to make a difference.

If you appreciate my work, I could really use your support right now.

All the best,
Abner Coimbre