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Meetup Host: Khrob Edmonds <>

Meetups Manifesto

We share a commitment to software quality.

We’re not perfect, but in an industry obsessed with control and profit, we stand for user well-being, agency over software, and privacy. Handmade aims to build better software for humanity which is why we dig deeper into how computers actually work.

Wisdom is magnified by technical competence.

We need wisdom to distinguish software engineered for exploitation rather than genuine assistance. Furthermore, even when not exploitative it may have been constructed devoid of love, care, or consideration for those who will rely on it.

Meetups drive change.

To witness true change in our industry, we must consistently forge bonds among the programmers (and allies) who are deeply invested. Handmade Meetups are instrumental for this. While conferences carry weight, they can’t stand alone.

In the words of Gil Scott-Heron, “The revolution will not be televised.”

– Adapted from the original Meetups announcement.