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Contributions will not earn you perks. Visit our Tickets page instead!

Fundraiser Perks

Indulgence Infinity Pass

2,000.00 USD

Lifetime General Admission to the Handmade conferences.

M.M. VIP Club

1,000.00 USD

Permanent 25% discount on Handmade conferences. Plus free 2024 admissions.

Anber's Passport

500.00 USD

Permanent 10% discount on Handmade conferences. Plus free 2024 admissions.

Handmade Cities Explorer

200.00 USD

Attend the 2024 conferences, in-person.

Hangry Conference Architect

100.00 USD

Shape the themes and topics for this year.

Cyber Adventures

50.00 USD

Attend the 2024 conferences online.

Chat Connoisseur Pack

20.00 USD

Five invites to Handmade Cities chat.

Duo Chat Explorer Pass

10.00 USD

Two invites to Handmade Cities chat.

Solo Chat Adventurer Pass

5.00 USD

One invite to Handmade Cities chat.

Receive a Personal Thank-You Video

When you do one of the following:

  • Select a top-tier perk ($200 or more)
  • Opt for recurring/monthly donations



About My Contribution


How can I contribute officially?

We’re using Donorbox for this fundraiser. Pick one of the predetermined amounts to grab your perk.


Do I need to cover processing fees?

I appreciate it if you cover them, but it’s not necessary for perks.


Can I contribute a custom amount?

Absolutely. You’ll still get perks if you meet the threshold. For instance, a $350.00 donation unlocks the $200.00 perk.


I donated an additional X dollars to unlock the next perk. What now?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work automatically! Email me at abner@handmadecities.com if you donated multiple times. We’ll sort you out.


I'm a monthly donor. Can I contribute here?

Yes! Use this fundraiser for a one-time contribution and snag a perk.


Can I increase my monthly donation?

Yes! Bumping up your monthly donation is a fundraiser contribution, earning you the corresponding perk.

About Twitch Streams


Should I contribute during Twitch streams?

Contribute anytime! The fundraiser runs from Feb 2nd to Feb 29th (leap year.) Contributions appear during my Twitch streams, but you may chip in even if I’m offline.


Will my full name show up on stream?

Nope. Only your first name, contribution amount, and optional comments show up. If you want to fully reveal yourself, use Donorbox comments or Twitch chat.


Can I make an anonymous contribution?

Yes. Check the “Make donation anonymous” box on Donorbox. If I’m live on Twitch, only the amount shows.


Will my comments show up on stream?

Yes. If I’m streaming, your comments show live, even for anonymous donations.


Why no green bar to track contributions?

I’m a small business enjoying a right to reasonable privacy (although I guarantee there are no riches in organizing indie events.) This is why we offer perks to make this personally worth your time.



Won't some perks hurt your business long-term?

Top-tier perks ($200 or more) are capped. The system removes the capped perk from Donorbox and adds obvious SOLD OUT notices on the fundraiser page.


Can I bypass the cap on a perk by using the "Custom Amount" field?

The perk won’t be delivered if you do this.


Can I bypass a cap on $2k perk by making two $1k donations?

Let’s keep it honest. Engage in this fundraiser in good faith, please.


I just want to give money, no perks!

Really? Sure thing. Use this PayPal link to donate without consuming any perks.

Twitch fundraiser

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